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Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services

A reliable, trustworthy window cleaning service is hard to come by, but here at Hodge Services our regular window cleaning services are second to none. Our professional, experienced, and well-trained team are on hand to leave your windows shining just like the day they were installed.

Whether it’s a commercial, industrial, retail or residential property there are no windows to big, small or awkward for our window cleaning team to access and clean.

Window cleaning services are a necessary part of building management, everyone wants clean windows to look through. Clean windows also help to give a good first impression for visitors and employees.
We only use 100% pure water as regular tap water contains sediments which often cause streaking when used for window cleaning. Our purified water is checked daily to ensure it meets the correct PH levels and passes through several filters before it reaches your windows ensuring you of the very best-looking windows around. Not only does it achieve a streak free finish, even when cleaned during the rain, but our method is completely environmentally friendly and harmless to you, your family / employees and your property, so there’s no need to worry about chemicals being used near your prized garden, tomatoes, or beloved pet.

Our fully trained team can complete a flexible schedule to fit your requirements whether it’s a fortnightly, monthly, 6 weekly and so on service you require. There’s no need to worry about cash either, as our fully automated system can send invoices and payments can be made via bank transfer, so you’ll never need to worry about having cash ready again.

Image by Takahiro Sakamoto
Selective focus of telescopic window wiper tool, Telescopic handle with spiral and brush,

Water Fed Window Cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning service:

  • Safest way to clean windows as there’s no need for our window cleaner to leave the ground

  • Increased level of privacy and reduced disturbance

  • No chemicals are used resulting in a reduced environmental impact and lower costs

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